Hepatitis C

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Seraprevir Potassium——Hepatitis C Oral Cure:

  • The earliest HCV NS3/4A inhibitor to enter clinical treatment in China;
  • It has completely independent intellectual property rights;
  • It has completed the treatment of all phase III clinical patients and entered the follow-up period.During the follow-up period, the sustained response rate of virus is as high as 99%, which is the best efficacy among similar domestic innovative drugs.
  • In addition to patients with type 1 hepatitis C, Ginkgo biloba is undergoing clinical trials for patients with type 2, 3 and 6 hepatitis C. In the future, this treatment regimen will cure patients with hepatitis C of all genotypes through convenient oral administration.


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GP-681——New PA inhibitor of influenza virus with the fastest progress in China:

  • The PA inhibitor independently developed by Ginkgo Pharma has completed the PCT patent application at present. The patent priority date is January 17, 2016. The structure of the designed compound is not covered by other patents (analyzed by Greenberg Traurig infringement), and it has completely independent intellectual property rights;
  • There is great potential for both domestic and overseas markets for influenza;
  • Preclinical pharmacodynamic data for GP-681 are comparable to imported drug Baloxavir and superior to Oseltamivir;
  • Ginkgo Pharma has multiple PB-2 target drug candidates for influenza, and it is expected to achieve the combination of PA and PB-2 in the future.

Hepatitis B

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GP-605——Hopefully the first to achieve a functional cure for hepatitis B:

  • Different from the existing therapeutic targets, GP605 will interfere with the transcription and translation process of HBsAg, interrupt the production of the most important processes and accessories in the process of viral replication, fundamentally inhibit viral replication, and is expected to take the lead in achieving the functional cure of hepatitis B;
  • API route development to support IND has been completed
  • Compound GP-605 has been validated for in vivo efficacy;
  • Patent for invention PCT application (CN201710627422.5) completed, patent priority date: July 29, 2016, internationally leading