Gingo Pharma

The Top Runner of New Anti-Virus Drugs' R&D In China

Ginkgo Pharma is located in SIP BioBay,Suzhou province. The company was established in November 2009 with a registered capital of 1,775,803,000 yuan. Ginkgo Pharma is a biomedical technology company that is based on China, facing the world, focusing on the research and development of innovative drugs as the core business, and focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative drugs in the field of anti-virus. At present, the company has a professional international new drug research and development team, of which the master degree or above accounted for 45.7%. The Company focuses on the research and development of new drugs in the treatment of HCV, HBV and influenza, and has obtained more than ten independent innovation and invention patents. The founder, Chen Li, has presided over more than ten new drug development projects and has repeatedly undertaken government scientific research projects as the project leader, covering major new drug projects and special infectious disease projects in the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Five-Year Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Company currently has three Class 1.1 chemical new drug projects under development, among which the new drug Seraprevir Potassium for the treatment of hepatitis C has entered the phase III clinical study. It is expected to complete the clinical trial and apply for NDA by the end of 2019, and industrialization is expected to be achieved by 2020. The technical indicators of the product can be comparable to similar drugs under development in foreign countries. It has significant therapeutic advantages and product pricing advantages, and has a broad market prospect. New drugs for the treatment of influenza are planned to apply for IND in October 2019, and clinical phase I is initiated by the end of 2019. The product is at the leading international level and is expected to exceed the efficacy of influenza drugs sold in China.

The company has filed 13 Chinese invention patent applications and 2 PCT patent applications, and the Chinese, U.S., and Japanese patents for the core compound of the new hepatitis C drug seraprevir potassium have been granted. The company has also undertaken the national small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Plan, Suzhou City Science and Technology Plan and other scientific and technological projects have been successfully concluded. The founder of the company received the funding from Suzhou Leading Talents in 2011, and received rolling support from leading talents in 2014 due to the excellent completion of the project. The company was awarded the title of national high-tech enterprise in 2016. Since 2016, he has successively undertaken two national major new drug development projects, and has cumulatively obtained more than 30 million yuan of national and all levels of government financial funds.

In 2017, the Company completed the round B financing of 150 million yuan, and many famous VC institutions including Lilly Asia Fund, Shi Yu Capital, Kai Tai Capital, Tongchuang Weiye and Yingxin Group participated in the equity investment.

Ten years of innovation, Ginkgo Pharma never forget the beginning. Looking forward to the future, Ginkgo Pharma will forge ahead with the tide of rapid development of domestic innovative drugs, develop more high-quality innovative drugs affordable for Chinese people, and make its own contribution to the dream of a healthy China!

Some domestic patents of the company

Some foreign patents of the company