• Lilly Asia Ventures

    Lilly Asia Ventures

    Lilly Asia Ventures (LAV) is a leading biomedical venture capital firm, with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Palo Alto. As one of the earliest biomedical venture investors in China, LAV has been consistently investing in the region for over a decade, and have recently increased our footprint in the U.S. Currently, LAV manages over $1.2 billion of committed capital.

  • Shiyu Capital

    Shiyu Capital

    Founded in 2014, Shiyu Capital focuses on private equity investment in healthcare industry. Shiyu Capital adheres to the investment philosophy of "deeply rooted in industry with characteristics of innovation, professionalism and industry focus” to seize the historical opportunity of transformation and upgrade of China pharmaceutical industry.

  • Kaitai Capital

    Kaitai Capital

    KAITAI CAPITAL is a professional venture capital management organization that mainly engages in innovative investment, industrial investment and wealth management services. At present, the total scale of KAITAI CAPITAL management has reached 50 billion RMB.

  • Cowin Capital

    Cowin Capital

    Cowin Capital has 18 years of experience of capital management, whose capital management scale was among the front rank, which invested more than 300 companies, of which 60 more became public companies, and 150 more successfully exit. Cowin Capital is being in the lead in China, which operates as an excellent domestic investment organization with extraordinary return.

  • Ginkgo Investment Group

    Ginkgo Investment Group

    Founded in 2003, Ginkgo Investment Group is a leading China private equity firm based in Shenzhen, within the close proximity of Hong Kong. The net asset value of Ginkgo has grown to RMB6.2bn in February 2016. The investment management professionals at Ginkgo has a wealth of experience in various sectors in China.

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